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News for Wednesday, November 16, 2022

To prepare the location of the mobile home for our new residents, organization of the move of the 2 trailers already on site at the Saint Martin campsite. These will be replaced on new, more spacious pitches, for better comfort for our holidaymakers.

Do not hesitate to regularly follow the news of the campsite via the site, in order to see the work undertaken and follow the life of the campsite out of season...

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News from November 19 to 21, 2022

Creation of supply and evacuation networks on the future locations of our trailers.

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News for Wednesday, November 23, 2022

Our 2 "cozy trailers" arrived today at the Saint Martin campsite. With unfavorable weather, we are obliged to store them on the driveway of the campsite, they will be put in place on their respective pitches later.

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News of November 24, 2022

Arrival of the mobile home "Capucine" of our new residents at 4:00 am by exceptional convoy. Unloading in the cemetery car park for repatriation at the entrance to the campsite hitched behind the 4x4. Very delicate passage between the buildings near the town hall.

A big thank you for the help of the municipal police, during the maneuver, for securing the streets of Sorèze.

We wait for daybreak... and off we go again for a new, even more delicate manoeuvre: entering the campsite, we pass a few cm from the posts of the barrier, we cut branches here , over there, to finally arrive at its storage point. Because of course, the weather does not allow us to enter the pitches! It will be positioned in its final place later in the season.

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