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Scooter rental

All-terrain electric scooter rental

Come and live an original experience and discover our region on one of our high-performance and versatile electric all-terrain scooters for thrill-seekers.

Our all-terrain electric scooters adapt to all environments: road, path, trail, grass. They allow you to appreciate any type of landscape.


Discovering the treasures of the Tarn has never been so easy! You will be able to ride around freely with these powerful and comfortable large-wheeled scooters on GPS-guided routes along our channels or along the edge of the region's lakes.

Let yourself be guided and enjoy!


For who?

The proposed walks are intended for the greatest number since our routes are adapted according to the profile of our customers. However, some restrictions should be known:

Be at least 12 years old

Do not weigh more than 110kg

Know how to ride a bike (keep your balance on 2 wheels easily)

The all-terrain electric scooter being a sport requiring balance and which may present a low but existing risk of falling or collision, we ask you not to come if:

• You are pregnant

• You are taking medication that may affect your sense of balance

• You suffer from a pathology with which it is contraindicated to practice a sport requiring balance and/or speed

• Any mental or physical disability making the use of an electric scooter dangerous for the person concerned or for others.

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Made in France

Zosh scooters are manufactured and assembled in Sarthe, at Cochet SA. The quality of finish is excellent. Zosh is now the choice of many rental companies seduced by the concept and long-term reliability.

Great autonomy

With a range of 80km on the road (or 50 to 60km in 100% off-road, confirmed during our tests), you can leave with peace of mind, battery failure is not about to happen.< /p>

Twin motor 750W

A power of 750W in each wheel for a playful behavior and the possibility of passing the uneven paths, even with a steep drop

Wide footrest and FAT 20×4 tyres

For increased comfort and better stability, the Zosh have a wide footrest and wide 20×4 FAT tires. Off-roading becomes accessible to as many people as possible.

Protections and security

Hydraulic fork, Magura hydraulic disc brakes, front and rear mudguards (for your clothes, on muddy roads, it's better!), horn, front and rear lights.

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Circuits - prices

Treat yourself…. And get away. Discover our beautiful region, walk the streets and alleys of the village, take the shaded paths, Visit the surrounding villages, Walk along the channel of the plain or the channel of the mountain! Discover the lake of Saint Ferréol or that of Cammazes differently... 

We offer a wide choice of hikes to discover from 11 to 40 km with more or less elevation gain (depending on the profile of our customers) divided into different formulas:

• GET STARTED package (1H): €25

• DISCOVERY package (2H): €35

• SENSATION package (half day): €45

• SPORTS formula (day): contact us

-10% for campsite customers

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The course of the outing

How does it work?

• Book your ride at least 24 hours in advance by phone on 06 25 91 47 44 or 05 63 50 20 19 or at the campsite reception

• On D-Day, go to the campsite reception 20 minutes before departure to get your gear and take control of the all-terrain scooter.

• Prefer an outfit suitable for sports practice (closed shoes required)

• Remember your ID (to validate the deposit)

Departure briefing

• Advice and recommendations on handling scooters

• Safety and usage instructions

• Driving ability test

Your equipment

• An all-terrain electric scooter

• A helmet (provided and mandatory)

• A pair of gloves (provided and mandatory)

• One GPS per group (provided)

• Possibly bring a backpack

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Guidelines and regulations

• On public roads, respect the highway code.

• Respect a safe distance between users (minimum 5 meters)

• Do not overestimate your riding, the risk of falls is real

• Keep your helmet on and attached at all times

• Pants and long sleeves recommended

• Wearing compulsory closed shoes (sneakers type)

• It is necessary to know how to ride a bike

• The minimum legal age to ride an e-scooter is 12 years old

• Minors must be accompanied by a responsible adult.

• The payload of a scooter is 110 kg

• Have Civil Liability

• Be respectful and courteous to other users

• As walkers approach, I slow down and move away.

• Let's respect nature

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